Pest Control Services in Carrizo Springs, TX

Finding pests in and around your home, commercial business or oilfield is never pleasant. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, mice or scorpions, you need to get the situation under control—quickly. Long’s Pest Control’s pest control services take care of the wide-ranging and pesky pests that are found throughout the Carrizo Springs, Carrizo Hill, Asherton, and Crystal City, TX areas. We know what it takes to get rid of pests and restore safety to your property, including:


This insect is a valuable pollinator, but they can be a nuisance if they nest in, on or near your property. They require a much different treatment than other pests on this list. We’re an expert with honeybees in Carrizo Springs, TX. Call us so we can re-home bees safely.
Bee control in Carrizo Springs, TX


Like bees, wasps pose a huge problem for homes and businesses. Wasps are always busy, making multiple nests that they expertly hide within structures. Call on the experts to solve this tricky, and sometimes painful, problem.
Wasp control in Carrizo Springs, TX


Roaches are incredibly tough to deal with, which is why you need to contact the experts in roach control and roach removal in Carrizo Springs, TX the moment you see one. This pest can make a home virtually anywhere. Call us to begin a comprehensive treatment plan immediately.
Roach Control in Carrizo Springs, TX


There are two species of venomous spiders in Texas, and even non-venomous spiders pose a nuisance to property owners. We solve your spider problem using odorless, eco-friendly chemicals.
Spider control in Carrizo Springs, TX


This clever pest has the potential to be dangerous. They typically hide in your landscaping, but also make nests in storage areas indoors. Dealing with scorpion control usually requires a multi-step solution—call us to get it under control.
Scorpion Control in Carrizo Springs, TX


All it takes to cause a flea problem is a pair of unwanted stowaways making their way into your property on the clothes of a person or on the fur of a pet. We know how to treat the problem with a combination of human- and pet-safe treatments to kill both the fleas and their eggs.
Flea control in Carrizo Springs, TX


This pest is potentially very dangerous—typically carrying blood-borne diseases and toxins in their saliva. Ticks instinctively know how to evade insecticide and other pest control techniques. Contact us to get a handle on this problem—it takes a methodical, thorough treatment to get rid of them.
Tick control in Carrizo Springs, TX


Ants are more annoying than they are dangerous, but they’re incredibly tough to get rid of. Since ant colonies build and repopulate quickly, an expert technician must treat the entire property to get ants gone for good.
Ant control in Carrizo Springs, TX

Bed bugs

A bed bug infestation usually feels like a personal violation. Our experienced technicians treat the problem so that you can sleep comfortably in bed again.
Bed bug control in Carrizo Springs, TX


Termites can cause substantial damage to property. If you suspect you need termite control at your property, we’ll come out and inspect the situation and eliminate the colony if necessary.
Termite control in Carrizo Springs, TX


These pesky critters are quick to breed and are quick on their feet – getting rid of a nest is quite a challenge. If you wait to deal with the problem, hungry mice find easy access to food storage and contaminate it. Call us right away—we have decades of experience dealing with these clever creatures.
Mouse control in Carrizo Springs, TX

When you need roach control, scorpion control, termite control, or other services, count on Long’s Pest Control. We’ve been serving the Carrizo Springs, TX area with pest control services for over 70 years, helping members of our community enjoy their property to the fullest. If you’re experiencing pest issues, contact us today at 830-876-5544 to get the problem under control.